President's Report

Eudlo & District Tennis Association

20th September, 2015


Since completing the new courts, we have attracted ~ 8 new members. Yay!! We also received $10,000 bonus for installing the hot shot lines on one of the courts. Yay again!!!

We had our Open Day last October with Jenny McKay having the honour of officially opening them. Jani , our coach at the time put on a great show & fun was had by all.

Unfortunately, Jani could not stay with us; so we are without a coach for the children at the moment. Peter Proost has a regular following of members for coaching on the Sunday mornings.


We also have a great social tennis night happening every Thursday.

Thankyou to everyone for making the courts a growing success.


I would like to hand in my resignation as President of this beautiful Tennis Club as I am no longer able to keep up with these responsibilities owing to the increased time I'm needing to spend looking after my Mum combined with other duties when home. I have been President since September 2006 & have fulfilled what I started out to do i.e. get the courts in a playable condition & feel that new blood is needed now. I want to thank everybody for all their support over the years. You've been absolutely fantastic especially when it didn't look like we were going to be able to get the funds for upgrading the courts. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!